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While playing golf one day with Dad at a lovely par 9 course just outside Grants Pass, Oregon, we heard the most unusual words coming from his cart. “Chicky Booters” with one shot, “Kazookers” with the next shot, and so it went for most of the day. Dad was trying so hard and was earnestly trying to make a good shot every time. But, alas, his ball hit a tree, or landed in the sand trap, or hit a rock and careened into the brush. Just about every shot ended in disaster, but still he tried! Then a light came on (with us, but unfortunately, not him)! Suppose we developed a character who loves the game of golf, plays as much as he can, tries really hard, is respectful of the game and rules, but just never seems to have much luck. Grumpy Golf Dude was born. We thought what a fun way to look at the game – so many of us have those days!


dan_and_dadNow as we look back on those days, we appreciate just how much Dad meant to us. He loved the game, but during his last days could not play. But the words kept coming! “Ichy Booters” when the television remote would not work the way he wanted. “Fagaters” when a thought, unknown to us, would pop into his head. While you are gone from this earth, your legacy will forever live on in Grumpy Golf Dude! We miss you. At least you made it easy to remember the day you passed! 12-13-14.

Donald L. Martin
1935 – 2014


Hidden Valley Country ClubGrumpy Golf Dude is proud to call Hidden Valley Country Club his home… well, his creators, anyhow! HVCC is nestled in the Virginia Foothills on the East side of Reno, Nevada, amid beautiful, mature trees and landscape, HVCC boasts fantastic views of the mountains and city lights of Reno. Originally designed by Billy Bell, Jr., and redesigned by Mike Stark and Dick Bailey in 2001, the course is a regulation 18 hole playing field with a par of 72. From the back tees the course has an overall rating of 74.1 and a slope of 135. Check it out at www.hvccreno.com